Avenu is a single, community-based platform that integrates all your real estate activities – lead creation, transaction management and client relations. It’s everything you need to know and everywhere you need to go.

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Seller Finder Campaigns

The next listing is always just around the corner! Simple choose a home profile and the Avenu Seller Finder™ algorithm creates and scores a list of ideal potential home sellers. Use that list of potential sellers to create a targeted call campaign, customized mail campaigns or to find your clients their dream home.

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Buyer Finder Campaigns

Find the people most likely to buy your client’s home! Using a number of variables like age, income, current home size and family size, the Avenu Buyer Finder™ creates a list of likely buyers for your listing and helps you create a targeted mail campaign.

Plus, manage your clients, buyer and seller transactions and schedule unique print campaigns directly from your Avenu app.

Learn more about Avenu at myavenu.com.


MonitorBase is predictive behavioral monitoring for your prospect client database. Know when your clients are in the market for a new home!

Keep in touch with past clients

Know when they’re ready to make a move

Know your audience, get the best response to your marketing

Any client referrals or borrowers that are not credit qualified are enrolled in to a program which helps to monitor their credit activity and will send a notification when they meet the credit standards. A PRMI Loan Originator will reach out with a firm offer of credit and then the referral is turned back to you the agent.

Get Started:

  • Monitoring takes 25-30 days to start the predictive monitoring cycle.
  • Once a client is identified a firm “offer of credit” letter is provided by PRMI
  • PRMI calls the client to follow up on the inquiry and start the prequalification process.
  • Your PRMI Loan Originator notifies you of the client and together you figure out the best plan of action
  • You call, send a personal mail piece, knock on doors…etc.
  • You either get your client in to their dream home or sell a clients current home – deal closed.

Learn more about Monitor Base by visiting monitorbase.com.